Incomplete Memorial Verses

A guide to some incomplete inscriptions, Memorial Verses or Religious text.

Please note that where these are Biblical verses, I have made every effort to trace the source. If you have a verse which is incomplete, maybe some of these will allow you to piece yours together.

Often when transcribing an inscription, you come to that maddening part where the stone has broken away and you are left with an incomplete inscription. Needing to know what the full inscription at one time said, so that a suggestion can be made, I looked around for books on this subject.  As I was unable to find any book, I decided to compile some of these into a list, hoping that by noting these, I would later come across a similar inscription which I could read in full.

This list is as yet unfinished and needs to be broken up into further sections. If ,when you look through this page, you find faults or can add to our knowledge, please be kind enough to email me.  Thank you.


Stop passenger! Reflect upon our fate,/respect, believe, before it is too late, /two fellow workmen in this grave do lie, /both in a well at Barley Hill did die/ The unwholesome damp the fatal stroke did give, /and we on earth at once did cease to live,/ go mortal, and lament our early fall, /and fear lest death the next on thee shall fall.

Who fell asleep in Jesus

Nearer my god to thee

Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.  Matthew 11:28-30

On Christ the solid rock I stand all other ground is sinking sand

Not for myself only have I laboured

We thank god for every remembrance of you

"In heavenly love abiding".

Weep not for me, my parents dear/lament me not, nor shed a tear/ my joys are great and my ------free/[--------------------]

She is gone but not forgotten/never will her memory fade/Loving thoughts will always linger/around this place where she is laid/

"Thy will be done"

Tender in age but strong/in faith/he looked above and feared not death/

‘Gone but not forgotten’

’For ever with the Lord’

‘Waiting for the command of our Lord Jesus Christ’

There remaineth a rest for the people of God’

The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away/Jesus said suffer little children to come unto me & forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of heaven.

Thine will be done.

Weapons of our warfare are not carnal

The Savior with His loving voice/said Suffer her to come/then should not those she loved rejoice/that He had called her home/her loss is doubtless like a dearth/of what our God has done/the blossom was too bright for earth/ she is come to bloom in heaven/

Peace perfect peace with loved one's far away/in Jesu's keeping we are safe and they/

Her end was peace

In hope of a glorious resurrection/

’We love him because he loved us’

‘May they rest in peace and may perpetual light shine on them’

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And they who with their leader/ have conquered in the fight/[-----------]ed for ever./

‘She us not dead but sleepeth’

‘Faith hope & charity’

Even so them also which/sleep in Jesus will/God bring with him
1 Thessalonians 4.14

The dead in Christ/repose in guarded rest/

Hope in their graves/kindles her never dying lamp/And throws/upon their treasured dust/a steady ray.

Until the day break’

Jesu mercy

Today shalt thou be with me in Paradise

In Jesu keeping we are safe and they [are sleeping?]

There remaineth a rest for the people of God’

Sunset and evening stars,/ and one clear call for me,

And may there be no moaning of the bar/ when I put out to sea. Alfred Tennyson

‘Father in thy gracious keeping/leave we now thy servant sleeping’.

With Christ which is far better

God's will be done

Lord in trouble have I visited/ thee I poured out a prayer when/ thy chastening was upon me./

Of no distemper: of no blame he died/ but fell like autumn fruit that mellow'd long/ ev'n wonder'd at because he dropt no ----/ fate seem'd to ---- him up to ---- years/ yet ---- on eigh- ---- inter more time/ till, like ----/ the --- at late flood still.//

Forget thee never to the/ latest breath/ we shall remember thy calm/ bed of death/ what humble truth what Holy hope what joy/ mid dying pangs could ever/ thought employ/ yes in that moment thou/ didst seem to be/ at peace with God and God/ at peace with thee.//

Oh! Why so soon, just as the ---/ appears. Drops the fair blossom in this vale/ of tears/ Death viewed the treasure/ desert giving/ and claim'd the righteous/ in heaven//

Consider reader when you/ look/ how suddenly our souls/ took/ and see that you prepare to/ be/ least devil should come/ quick on thee.//

With patience to the last he/ did submit/ and murmur'd not a word the/ Lord thought fit:/ and with a Christian courage/ ---- high/ ---- his/ ----//

Death does not always warning give/ therefore be careful how you live/ O haste to Church make no delay/ for no-one knows their dying day//

My latter days were grief & pain/ while on this earth I did remain/ but the Lord who knows what's best/ took me to a place of rest.//

Short yet how pleasing was/ her visit here/ She' s now removed to grace/ a nobler sphere/ cease then frail nature to/ lament in vain/ reason forbids to wish her/ back again.//

Faithful is he that calleth/ thee though with clouds/ he covereth the light//

Mark the perfect man/ and behold the upright /for the end of that man/ is peace.//

No path that leads to happiness/ is hard/ short the fatigue, eternal the reward/ few are our pleasures here, and/ short our stay/ ---- --all we p--s ----//

Life's storm is o'er, the blissful/ haven gain'd,/ immortal life by sovereign grace/ obtained;/ hail happy spirit, number'd with the ----/ whilst th(y) (r)emains lay silent in/ (the) ----/ waiting ---- ye dead in Christ/ ---- rife,/ and ---- Lord triumphant/ in the skies.//

The grave declares of what/ we're mad(e)/ but God for man a ransom/ paid./ On faith in Christ we may/ depend/ and through him find/ a glorious end.//

Alas! she's gone dear object/ of our love/ t'increse the number of the/ saints above:/ but Oh! What comfort for the/ parents pain/ to think their loss is her/ eternal gain.//

The grave declares of what/ we're mad(e)/ but God for man a ransom/ paid/ on faith in Christ we may/ depend/ and through him find/ a glorious end.//

A sudden change alas with/ grief (itself?)/ he had not time to bid his/ friends farewell:/ reader prepare thyself make/ no delay/ God alone that knows our/ dying day//

For when the breath of man goeth/ forth he shall turn again to his/ earth and then all his thoughts/ perish/ blessed is he that hath the God/ ---- for his ---- whose/ ----//

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Meek was her temper, pious was/ her life/ a tender mother and a/ virtuous/ wife/ Alas! She's gone, dear object (of)/ my love/ t' increase the number of the/ saints above.//

Farewell vain world. I've done/ with you/ thy sorrow and thy joys/ Short was my warning and/O God/ my death a sudden voyage./

Grieve not for me my/ children dear/ I tell you all in (haste?)/ I hope/ that God who guards/ the world/ will ----d you all in peace.//

---- no path that leads to h------ss is h---/ short the fatigue eternal the reward/ few are our pleasures here and short/ our stay/ --- well we p----/----//

Leaving an earthly will/ pearced thee to the heart/ a broken reed at best/ ---- spear ----/ only ---- point ---- peace/ blood and hope expires.//

All hell doth come to the cold tomb/ the aged and the youthfull bloom/ the good and the faithful friends/ that evermore shall have an end/ for when death comes we m---/ and win the everlasting joy//

Lifes storm is o'er the blissful haven gained/ ------- life by sovereign grace obtained/ here let the precious dust in silence lie/ till Christ shall raise us up no more to die/ think of eternity prepare for death/ for heaven or hell awaits thy parting breath//

A husband kind a father dear/ a neighbour good --- friend of ---/ in --- light / b--- / life ----/ joys/ in hope of --- all//

Praises on tombs/ are trifles vainly spent/ a womans good name/ is her monument//

Our pleasures are imperfect here below/ our (br)iefest joys are mixt with bitter woe/ just thirty years was measur'd to our son/ so soon alas the greate blessing gone/ the glowing rose was quick then to fade/ at once his breath and his life decay'd//

I long beneath the load of life/ have lain/ worn out with grief and linger/ing days of pain/ ere my imprisoned soul could/ quit this clay/ and changed his dark abode/ for brighter day/ till welcome death the greatest/ friend below/ broke down the wall and let/ the prisoner go//

A husband kind a father dear/ a neighbour good lies buried here/ with pain at last his glass did run/ I will his precious life was done/

Bless you my wife and children dear/ I hope we shall all meet above/ weep not for me my parents dear/ though I to you was given/ a mortal child while living here/ but now a light in heaven//

If you the Lord above doth fear/ then God will thee defend/ conduct thee thro' lifes/ pilgrimage/ safe to thy journeys end//

What if henceforth by heaven's decree/ He leave thee not alone/ but in His turn prove guide to thee/ in ways to angels known//

Through Adam's fall in dust our bodies here/ through Christ we shall from dust to glory ----/ son ---- path ---/ O good Lord tell us when will thou appear/ though she shall blessed be but them that m---/ cloth'd with a right(ous robe) at thy righthand//

Prepare to die, makes ready all/ for we know not when the/ Lord may call/

O cruel death that wouldst not/ be deni'd/ but breake the bands of love/ so firmly ty'd/ she was a neighbour good/ a wife most kind/ in dealings just and of a pious mind//

Thrice happy youth thou joy/ canst tell/ what pleasure with thy/ saviour dwell/ what joys are for the saints/ in store/ at gods right hand for/ evermore//

A husband kind a father dear/ a faithful friend lies buried here//

Though long she bent beneath afflictions/ chastening rod she calmly bore her pain/ then gave her soul back to God//

Sincere to all and upr/ight in is ways/ and all his actions jus/ tly merits praise/ possess'd of those he liv/ ed belov'd by most/ and died lamented at/ the greatest losst//

While in this world l did remain/ my latter end was grief and pain/ but when the Lord did think it best/ he took me to a place of rest//

Mourn not for us dear friends nor weep/ for in the dust we sweetly sleep/ these --- this grave doth lie/ w---  oul are
---- on high:/ ----/ ----//

O could honest industry or virtue save/ a man or woman from dropping in the grave/ they might have lived but truer t'is to die/ and take possession of eternity//

Begin betimes to sarve the Lord/ and sarve him faithfully/ and do thy duty to thy God/ you may not fear to die//

A neighbour good a mother kind/ have left ---- the world behind/ in hopes of a place of rest to find/ ----/ the Lord he ---- --good ----/ before I ever trouble known/ I to a place of rest am gone//

Peace perfect peace with loved ones far away/ In Jesus keeping we are safe and they.//

Weep not dear friends I'm come before/ my pains on earth will be no more/ with you I could no longer stay/ for death hath summoned me away/

Mourn not for me dear friends nor weep,/ for in the grave I sweetly sleep;/ a troublesome world I've left behind;/ a crown of glory for to find./ _._/ "thy will be done"/

The Lord gave and the Lord taketh/ away Blessed be the name of the Lord./Job 1: 20-21   Her days of affliction are o'er./ Her days and her nights of distress/ We shall see her in anguish no more/ She is gone with her Saviour to rest./

Bright was her face with smiles/ and words of welcome and gladness/ fell from her beautiful lips/ and blessed the cup as she gave it./

The Lord hath brought her unto the haven where she/ would be therefore we are glad because she is at rest/

Singers of Jesus, angels of (--)d/ singing to welcome the pilgrims of night//

Dear as thou wert, and justly dear/ we will not weep for thee/ one thought shall check the falling tear/ it is that thou art free/ free from a world of grief and ill/ with God eternally/

Her death much lamented/ her days we(r)e few/ we hope her (----) is at rest/ (wi)th Christ in Heaven.//

Her loss was greatly lamented:/ but she is gone to be with Christ/ which is far better. For she had/ this testimony - that she pleased/ God./

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Though death the King/ of terrors strikes/ all mortals for (----)/ the grace alike/ yet save the actions ---/ on th(-) / (-----)/ doe (---)d & (--)/ in//

How vain are all ea[rthly] ----us on the pea--/ move thy tomb with empty praise --------/ not all the pen of eloquence can live/ with breath -reath or add to life one day/ then let this stone us humble life extend/ to give insure you to each living friend/ lean not on earth nor grasp us gilded toys/ but onward press to reach sublimer joys/ then death will let us ----ing life --- us charms/ and you will meet the foe with open arms./

How vain is flattery on a tomb/ since there's a judgement yet/ to come/ her end and hers alone is hell/ whose life and actions (--)ands/ the test//

Cropt in the bud, secure from future ill/ how great the loss, twas the Almighty’s will/ shall we repine to lose, what god hath given/ assist us patience, twas decreed by heaven.//

Thanks be to God which giveth us/ the victory through our Lord /Jesus Christ/ 1 Corinthians 15 v 57

In thy presence is fullness of joy. Psalm xvi ii

"Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of man cometh." Matthew xxiv 44.

Looking unto Jesus author and finisher/of our faith/ Hebrew 12.2

Great peace have they which love Thy law. Psalm 119:165

'The Lord gave & the Lord hath taken/away. Blessed be the name of the lord' - Job 1: 20-21

The Lord is righteous in his ways and holy in all his works. Psalm 145 verse 17.

My heart panteth my strength faileth me as for the light of mine eyes it also is gone from me. Psalm xxx.viii, v.10.

'He leadeth me besides the still waters' - The 23rd Psalm

In hope of eternal life - Titus 1c 2v

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. Psalm 116:15

"She hath done what she could." Mark 14:8. looks patronising in isolation, but refers to the woman of Bethany who anointed Jesus' head with expensive perfume when on his way to crucifixion. The disciples criticised the waste of money, but Jesus said she had in fact done something good. The sense of it is that she didn't miss the opportunity and used her God-given talents to the full.

He shall gather the lambs with/ his arms and carry them in His/ Bosom Isiah xl. 11.

The eternal God is thy refuge/ and underneath are/ the everlasting arms/
In my father's house are many/ mansions: if it were not so I would/ have told you. I go to prepare a/ place for you. John Chap. xiv ver 2./

Watch therefore for ye know neither/ the day nor the hour wherein the son of/ man cometh/ the law of truth was in his mouth Mal. ii. vi Thy kingdom come//

"Blessed are the dead which die in the lord" [Revelations Ch. 14 v. 13]

I would not have you to be ignorant brethren concerning them which are/ asleep that ye sorrow/ not even as others which have no hope I Thess. iv 13//

The path of the just is as the/ shining light that shineth/ more and more unto ---/ perfect day/ Proverbs iv xviii//

I heard a voice from heaven/ saying unto me write from/ henceforth Blessed be the/ dead which die in the Lord/ even so saith the spirit for/ they rest from their labours/ Rev. xiv 13//

Jesus took children up into/ his arms and blessed them/ (Mark 10.v.16)//

It is the Lord: let him do what seemeth/ him good. 1. Sam. iii. 18./

Blessed is he that considereth/ the poor and needy: the Lord shall deliver him in the time of trouble. Psalm 41 v.1

If any man sin we have an advocate/ with the father. Jesus Christ the/ righteous: and he is the propitiation/ for our sins./1 John 2:1-6

Every man's work shall be/ made manifest for the day/ shall declare it./ 1 Corth. Chap 3 13//

Send out thy light and thy truth let them lead me and bring me to Thy Holy hill and to Thy dwelling place Psalm 43

"We believe that Jesus died and rose/ again, even so them also which sleep/ in Jesus will god bring with him"/ I Thess. iv 14/

How beautiful upon the mountains/ are the feet of him that bringeth/ good tidings that publisheth peace/ that bringeth good tidings of good./ That publisheth salvation that saith/ unto Zion thy God reigneth.// Isaiah Chap. iii. verse 7/

Thus saith the Lord God unto/ the bones behold I will cause/ breath to enter into you and ye shall live// Ezekeil Chap 37 ver 5/

"At evening time it shall be light"/ Zech. xiv. 7//

"Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will/ dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God/ himself shall be with them, and be their God."/ "and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes;/ and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow,/ nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain;/ for the former things are passed away."/ Rev. xxi. 3.4.//

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